Documentation-API Integration

Please follow the below mention steps to access using API

You can now generate reports using the API & share it across to your potential prospects in 4 simple steps

Step 1:

Create an account here:

Step 2:

Buy credits on to your account (please note that credits have a lifetime validity)

Step 3:

There are two ways to access API

1)Direct API: Here

2)Zapier: Here

Direct API Method:

Hit the above mentioned endpoint with the website url which you would like to generate the report for

The API returns the unique id for the request as well as the report in a few mins. Please note that report generation can take up to 5 minutes

Zapier Method:

If you are a non coder,i strictly suggest you go through the zapier method

Link to access zapier the app: ;Here

Reach out to [email protected] incase of any queries, Happy generating reports and closing more clients

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